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21 reasons why a SMSF might be right for you

Could self managed super tick all the boxes?

1. Self managed doesn’t have to mean do-it-yourself – you can get help from a qualified specialist SMSF advisor.

2. Depending on your fund balance and services, its likely your SMSF will cost less in fees than a corporate, industry or retail super fund.

3. You choose where to invest your money across Australian and international shares, government bonds, term deposits, property and cash.

4. Lower fees mean more money to grow your retirement nest egg.

5. Some SMSF administration expenses are tax deductible – including your annual fund audit and SMSF tax return.

6. You can work with a qualified SMSF specialist adviser to design smart tax strategies.

7. Peace of mind that you’re taking control of your financial future is priceless.

8. You’re in good company – as of May 2018 there were 592,658 SMSFs in Australia with 1,118,848 members.

9. Your SMSF can pay members an account-based pension in retirement or as a transition to retirement income stream.

10. You may be able to borrow from your SMSF to buy property, including business premises.

11. Your SMSF can borrow to invest in shares conservatively.

12. If you borrow to invest in shares, the interest you pay on what you’ve borrowed is tax deductible to the SMSF.

13. Ability to make ethical investment decisions.

14. It makes sense for your SMSF to pay for life and TPD insurance.

15. Taking control of your super can be personally satisfying and motivate to save and invest more for the future you want.

16. Your SMSF specialist adviser can rollover of your existing super funds into your new SMSF.

17. Some SMSF providers will take charge of all your administration – and even receive and open your fund’s mail so you never miss a thing. That’s service.

18. You will be able to minimise tax by investing into quality Australian shares that pay fully franked dividends (so your hard-earned savings aren’t eaten away).

19. A specialist SMSF adviser will advise you on establishing tax free and tax exempt income streams for your retirement.

20. If you choose a responsive SMSF provider, you can buy and sell investments across your portfolio. No need for all the paperwork and these trades are downloaded electronically into your administrator’s software – a big time saving!

21. Dealing with a massive corporate super fund means you get lost in the crowd. A smaller, reliable SMSF administration provider with a proven track record will have a competent administrator to assist you with your SMSF.

Your questions answer about SMSF's

If you have the right team working with you, SMSFs aren’t as complicated as some super companies would like you to believe.