Horizon Superannuation SMSF Set up and Administration

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We’re the Brisbane superannuation services provider that hundreds of SMSF trustees trust with their financial futures. We work with qualified SMSF advisors who know their stuff when it comes to making smart super choices. Whether you’re planning for your family’s future, or getting ready to retire, let’s make the most of your hard earned money.

What’s on your horizon?

Step 1: SMSF setup

Simple, fast set up of your SMSF is what we do best. We take the pressure off you by arranging your set up documentation such as Trust Deeds, a Company(Corporate Trustee – if required) as trustee for your fund, a bank account, election notices, minutes, membership applications, and we apply to the ATO for a Tax File Number (TFN) and ABN.

Step 2: SMSF administration

From rolling over your existing super money to completing all compliance  and tax, we offer a complete solution for ongoing SMSF administration including arranging for an ASIC approved audit or to audit your fund.

Step 3: SMSF compliance

Leave dealing with the ATO to us – we’ll take care of the financial statements, independent audit, tax return and reporting so you’re 100% compliant under the law.

Step 4: SMSF planning

Customised planning and strategies including borrowing to invest, tax strategies and income streams recommended by our preferred SMSF specialist advisers..

simple set up

Fast, affordable SMSF set up from $660 (inc. GST)



Leave the paperwork to us. We'll take away the hassle.


stay 100% compliant

Tick all the legal boxes

step 3

planning for your future

Make the most of your money

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