Horizon Superannuation SMSF Set up and Administration

Making super simple

Every day we’re committed to making the most of your money and building the future you want. Choosing an SMSF is about freedom, not being weighed down by admin and paperwork.

Hundreds of SMSFs trust us to administer their funds

From setting up your fund to simple administration, compliance, auditing and tax return preparation, we’re in your corner. Hundreds of fund holders already trust us to take charge of their SMSFs, and we’re the independent administrator of choice for accountants and financial planners across Australia.

SMSF Specialists on your team

We don’t take chances with your super. From our qualified staff, to the independent auditors we engage to audit your SMSF, our team are dedicated to keeping your financial future on track.

We know the law to keep you protected

As ethical super administrators, there’s some things we can’t do for you. We can’t:

Advise where to invest your super funds

advise where to invest your super funds – we can make plans together, but specific financial advice and recommendations need to come from a licensed financial advisor. That’s the law.

Become a trustee of your SMSF

become a trustee of your superannuation fund

Legal advice for your SMSF

give any advice you legally need to get from a licensed financial advisor (but we can recommend licensed SMSF specialist advisors to give investment and strategy advice).

Future proof your super with smart SMSF investment choices

When you work with licensed SMSF specialists, it’s simple to set up your fund. We’re here to take care of all the administration, tax returns and arrange for an annual audit so your fund is 100% compliant. You stay in control of your investment choices and we’ll take care of the compliance.