Horizon Superannuation SMSF Set up and Administration

From advice and set up to administration and investment

Fees are the one certainty when you’re dealing with any type on investment. Your super value can vary depending on how your investments perform, so lower fees mean you’re making the most of what you’ve got.

Getting started

Before you decide to take control of your super with a SMSF, it’s important to understand the costs. There’s a huge range of costs between SMSF providers – the main costs you should compare are the set-up of the fund and the annual fees for ongoing administration. Then decide based on the track record of the advisers, their customer service and support,and if they’re easy to contact when you need them.

Taking care of your SMSF Cost (including GST)
Statement of Advice (SOA) from licensed financial planner or adviser $2800
SMSF set up - individual trustees (includes Trust Deed and all documentation) $660
SMSF set up – Corporate Trustee Company $1290
SMSF set up - Corporate Trustee and SMSF $1950
SMSF administration – ongoing annual fee from $1982
SMSF Audit $557
SMSF planning This will depend on the advice you receive from a SMSF specialist adviser.
Pension set up from $363

What are the fixed costs of a SMSF?

Some fixed SMSF costs remain the same regardless of whether you have $100,000 or $1,000,000 in super. Fixed costs include the annual administration fee, audit fees, accounting and ATO lodgement costs.

How do I know if it’s worthwhile for me set up a SMSF?

Talk to a qualified SMSF specialist for advice on whether your super balance makes it viable to get the most out of a SMSF. If your super balance means it isn’t worth it now, your adviser may be able to suggest a goal super balance when the SMSF will become viable.

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