Horizon Superannuation SMSF Set up and Administration

Stay in control with the specialist super team

More and more Australians are choosing to set up their own self managed super funds. And the superannuation message is getting through – it’s something people are doing earlier in life to make the most of their income now and plan for a long and active retirement. But that doesn’t have to mean handing the reins over to an industry or corporate or super fund. Staying in control means you get a say in your future. As an independent super administrator, your super goals are the heart of our business. SMSF set up, administration, compliance and planning is all we do, and we’re good at it.

Specialist super team with a track record to be proud of

Keeping up with super regulations and compliance, industry trends and smart strategies is all part of the service. We’re here to make SMSFs simple to understand so you’ll never feel left out of your super choices and financial decisions.

Putting your needs first

It’s not just people thinking about retirement or who’ve already stopped working who are choosing SMSFs. Everyone from small business owners to people with young families, or people simply sick of big fund bureaucracy are taking control of their financial future with a SMSF.

Lower fees for a better retirement

Many people accept we’ll be working later in life, but what if it doesn’t have to be that way? Making smart choices now might make the difference. SMSF administration through our specialist team is provided on a fixed fee structure, unlike funds which charge a percentage of your savings.

Why be penalised for building up a healthy nest egg? Every cent matters when it’s determining your family’s future.

Horizon Superannuation - SMSF Administration

Look for a super administrator who outlines their fixed annual administration and compliance fees upfront and documents them in a letter of engagement before they start working for you.

Investments you choose

It’s smart to want to know how your money is being invested. You can be as involved as you want with choosing your SMSF investments, or get advice from qualified advisors.

Smart money strategies

Tax is a guarantee in life, but how much you pay isn’t. Our team knows the law and the ATO inside out so your SMSF set up and admin won’t pay a cent more than you need to. You’ve earned it.